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High Glass Finishing Powder Brush

Glass Skin Makeup Powder Brush
High Glass Finishing Powder Brush

High Glass Finishing Powder Brush


Featuring a tapered shape and multi-length bristles, this super soft brush allows for the light and airy application of finishing powder. Best for gently sweeping, buffing and diffusing. Custom designed to work beautifully with our High Glass Finishing Powder.

Glass skin, defined: Evolving from K-Beauty’s dedication to a healthy, glowy, hydrated-looking complexion, “glass skin” refers to skin that looks translucent, smooth and reflective - just like a pane of glass.

This Product is also:
  • Vegan Vegan
  • Limited Edition Limited Edition

Starting from the t-zone and working outwards, use this tapered brush to pick up and gently blend powder all over the face.

Our 3-Step High Glass Skin Regimen:

Step 1: Create a smooth and glassy base for makeup application with our High Glass Face Primer.

Step 2: Set your makeup and elevate the overall “glassiness” of your look with our softly tinted High Glass Finishing Powder.

Step 3: Spotlight the high points of your face with our High Glass Illuminating Powder.



Introducing NYX's The High Glass Collection. Our first pro-grade collection of it’s kind, for a glass skin loo in just 3 easy steps: Prime, Set, & Finish. For every skin tone, from every angle, more than just glow - It's Glass, High Glass.

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