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3 different products from the Plump collection on a lemon yellow background. This Is Juice Gloss, Plump Finish Setting Spray, and Plump Right Primer + Serum.


If you grew up hearing, “Drink more water,” this one’s for you. Drinking more H20 to get glowing skin is a timeless beauty recommendation, but what do you do when your skin is extra thirsty? We’ll spill it! Use the latest skin care innovation — electrolytes. Think of electrolyte skin care and makeup as intense energy drinks for your skin! We’re bringing the deets on ALL things electrolyte-infused at NYX Professional Makeup including, Plump Right Back Primer Serum, Plump Finish Setting Spray and This Juice Gloss.


Let’s say it together: “I am recharged, I am revived, and I am bouncing back.” Now that we have our affirmations in place, let’s talk about how to get plumped skin naturally using electrolytes.

What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes are the secret to a sports drink that work wonders when your body is overly dehydrated and fatigued. In the same way that electrolyte-infused drinks quench your thirst after a wild night out, this type of ingredient can help you manifest that dewy, youthful glow.

Are electrolytes good for your skin?

Electrolytes and dry skin make the best duo. However, we haven’t met anyone who isn’t a fan of radiant skin. Whether you’re dealing with dull, dry skin or want a next-level glow, our electrolyte-infused skincare products are for you! Plus, collagen levels decrease as we age, which means that all skin types lose their natural glow and plumpness. This is where the electrolytes in our newest 100% vegan and cruelty-free formulas come to the rescue! Help replenish, revive and rejuvenate the face with NYX Professional Makeup’s Plump Right Back Primer, Plump Finish Setting Spray and This Is Juice Gloss.


Achieving that glowy, hydrated skin look starts in the first step! Prep like a pro by applying the Plump Right Back Plumping Serum Primer. It’s infused with an electrolyte mix that promotes long-term and healthy-looking skin hydration, so your foundation looks extra smooth. Mineral-rich, the Plump Right Back Plumping Serum Primer hydrates like a moisturizer and lifts like a serum while the Plump Finish Setting Spray grips your makeup for up to 24 hours.

Head of Global Education & Artistry for NYX Professional Makeup, Mark Anastasios explains how storing skin care products in the fridge can help calm your skin. He continues, “The cool temperatures help stabilize the active ingredients within your serums, eye creams and moisturizers. Also, cold beauty tools can help soothe skin issues like acne while providing an instant plump.” Try it out for yourself with NYX Professional Makeup Silicone Applicator! Popping the silicone applicator in the freezer will not only give you the benefits of an anti-aging serum but also wake you up on days you’re feeling a bit more sluggish than usual.

After prepping and priming your face, you’ll notice how smoothly your foundation and concealer glide on, thanks to the electrolytes, of course! To help keep your glow shining constantly, you’ll want to finish your makeup look with our electrolyte-infused Plump Finish Setting Spray. It’s great for all sorts of events. We’re talking weddings, Malibu poolside parties and wherever you need to glow!

Pro-Tip: The Head of Global Education & Artistry MUA reveals that hydrating and plumping ingredients contribute to a luminous glow, along with photoshoot-approved application technique.

“Begin spritzing the Plump Finish Setting Spray 8-10 inches above your face in a rainbow motion from left to right, allowing it to fall on your face and body throughout the day to keep your skin fresh,” explains Mark.

NYX Professional Makeup’s Plump Finish Setting Spray rehydrates, recharges and reinvigorates the skin within seconds of applying. With coconut for hydration, magnesium for stimulating collagen, potassium for healing new cells and aloe for skin brightening and replenishment, this spray delivers a full-body electrolyte experience. Mark swears by the rainbow spray technique for a natural dewy glow.


This Is Juice Gloss offers ultra-glassy shine with a non-sticky finish for super healthy-looking lips. Boost your lips’ hydration and comfort with grapeseed, avocado and jojoba oils infused into this lip balm. Our favorite juices inspired these eight shades! Physically you’re applying your lip balm, but mentally these distinct juice flavors will transport you to a Los Angeles juice bar.

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