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These non-binary creatives prove makeup has no gender

Makeup has no gender, period. Alongside the Los Angeles LGBT Center, we’re amplifying LGBTQIA+ voices through artistry, celebrating what it means to be gender fluid and dismalating beauty stereotypes.

In the beauty community, non-binary people show us that the possibilities for our style and makeup are limitless, no matter who we are. Artistry is a safe space for non-binary people to unapologetically experiment with gender expression through pops of color, textures, and next-level makeup trends. Here at NYX Professional Makeup, we believe in drawing outside the liners and we’re introducing you to six artists who are redefining the makeup narrative and setting the record straight, because makeup truly is not defined by gender.

Meet Cory (they, them)

A non-binary model and actor based in New York. “I think I've always allowed myself to have permission to express myself, even if it was met with resistance. I like the movement of makeup. I like the idea that you can morph into different people and really change the way you project yourself and channel your intuition,” explains Cory. Having been in NYC for seven years, they’re excited to expand storytelling in the film and television medium by embodying their generation’s iteration of freedom and culture.

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Meet Jezz (they, them)

Jezz Chung is a Brooklyn-based writer, performance artist, public speaker, and transformation facilitator committed to building an equitable future. “I identify as someone who's non-binary because I don't see myself as fixed. I want to be able to define myself on my terms. Makeup is my way of adorning myself with shapes and colors, and it allows me to express myself in whatever I feel like at that moment,” says Jezz. Tapping into their vast, expansive experiences as neurodivergent, bisexual, first generation Korean American, they often share their practice of conscious creation and emotional liberation on social media.

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Meet Merlot (she, her)

Merlot is a NY based soul musician also known as a personality navigating queer nightlife with her fabulous femme looks and instantly recognizable freckles. As a child, she was devoted to music and studied classical jazz at Berklee College of Music in Boston. “Makeup is a way to learn to appreciate your features in a different way. By experimenting, I've learned how impactful and empowering it is and to really love myself,” explains Merlot.

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Meet Tatchi (she, they, he)

Tatchi was raised in Hawaii and built their modeling career in New York. Since finding her heart in LA, Tachi has outgrown any and all labels and is known to their audience for promoting positive vibes, self love and the belief that anything is possible. “I wish people would allow themselves a little more freedom to explore their gender because there are so many possibilities. Makeup helps a lot with my presentation and it really helps to solidify my confidence in the world,” says Tatchi. She found her heart in Los Angeles where she now promotes positive vibes, self love, and the belief that anything is possible for her audience.

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Meet Ken (they, she, he) & Kitty (they, them)

Ken Boringken is a multi-disciplinary artist from NYC. With a passion for music production they moved to LA to grow as an artist and person. “I always feel kind of like a mythical creature whenever I put makeup on. It just makes it easier to feel outside of myself and gives me a sense of confidence that being in my own body doesn't necessarily give me all the time,” expresses Ken. Their goal is to synergize their intimate yet outgoing, introspective and creative nature while bringing people together. Kitty is a mixed media artist born and raised in Queens, New York. Their love of the arts stemmed from early days of drawing cats who she feels a deep connection with. “Makeup is a way for a lot of gender fluid people to feel comfortable. It gives them a sense of control in how they choose to express themselves,” says Kitty. They embrace their inner child by curating their own fantasies through makeup and art.

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