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Why Choose Vegan Makeup?

At NYX Professional Makeup, it’s cool to be kind and the bright side is the right side, so let’s talk about what vegan makeup is, why we care, and why you might too. Our vegan formulas don’t use anything that hurts animals in any way, and we’ve got the bunny ears to prove it. We’ve proudly maintained our Cruelty Free status and our PETA certification since 2010, and they’ve got super high standards!

It’s not easy to formulate vegan makeup formulas, but what goes on our bodies is as important as what goes in them, right? Yep! The two most common ingredients that prevent a makeup product from being vegan are beeswax and carmine. Beeswax allows oil and liquid ingredients to hold together, making for a smooth application and texture and carmine is type of beetle that lives on cacti and its crushed shells contain a dye that’s used to make vibrant reds in food and makeup, but for our vegan makeup we’ve sourced synthetic alternatives that mimic the properties so closely you won’t know the difference.

Without sacrificing quality, our team of chemists created vegan formulas using alternative ingredients that align with NYX Professional Makeup’s high standards. Fab shades in core products and a list that’s growing every day, all undergo rigorous testing to make sure texture, adhesion and color payoff aren’t compromised.

We talked to NYX Professional Makeup’s Senior Chemist Anastasia Scienski to see what the process is like to bring vegan products to you.

“There are many steps that go into our vegan verification process but in short, we confirm no animal origin. We are checking that the ingredients and formula do not contain or come in contact with any animal derived ingredients or animal by-products.”

-Anastasia Scienski
NYX Professional Makeup's
Senior Chemist

So, rest assured, we’re on it! We love this planet and all its critters as much as you do!


With big color pay-off and the same highly pigmented quality you expect, there are a ton of vegan products to choose from. We talked to some of NYX Professional Makeup Artists and asked them about their faves.

Here are their expert opinions:

Tooba Safi loves The Marshmellow Primer. “It smooths, it softens, it does it all. It’s like a ten in one,” she says.

“My favorite vegan product is This is Juice Gloss says Autumn White. My favorite shade is Watermelon Suga. I love it because it’s long lasting and gives you a natural flush without being sticky or tacky.”

Ivette Avila is crazy about Epic Smoke Liner because they’re “easy to use for quick glam and they’re blendable without being patchy.”


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