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Jumbo Lash Liner

Waterproof liner and lash adhesive
Jumbo Lash Liner

Jumbo Lash Liner

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Introducing Jumbo Lash! 2-in-1 Liner & Lash Adhesive! Achieve jumbo liner looks with our vegan and waterproof formula featuring a felt-tip applicator for intense pigment for up to 24 hour wear! Apply and let dry for smudge, transfer, and fade resistant impact. Take it to the jumbo level by pairing with Jumbo Lashes as an adhesive for fast and easy false lash application. No glue. No magnets. No fuss.



Shake well! Flick on a wing with 2 coats of liner & let dry for 2-3 seconds. Wear the liner alone for intense pigment or pair with our lashes as a lash adhesive.


Swipe on jumbo impact with our waterproof 2-in-1 Liner and Lash Adhesive! No glue. No magnets. No fuss. Up to 24 hour wear.

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It's giving Jumbo Lash energy!

Jumbo false lash system

Jumbo volume. Jumbo length.
Jumbo lashes.

Serve jumbo volume, jumbo length and jumbo impact all day with up to 12-hour wear. Keep 'em guessing with our invisible, ultra-flexible lash bands.
Jumbo lashes in 4 stackable styles

Pair jumbo lashes with
4 lash styles

Go super jumbo and stack lashes for more impact!
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Jumbo lashes. Jumbo energy. Jumbo lifestyles.
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