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Live, Lash, Love

How to Apply Lashes for Every Mood and Attitude

Jumbo Lashes are just an ‘add to cart’ click away—no glue, no magnets, no problem.

It’s time to turn up the volume with false eyelashes that are reusable, vegan, waterproof and use an adhesive liner instead of glue for 12-hour wear.

Just line your lids, snip lashes to size, and set those bad boys on your eyes.

Who do you wanna be today?

Every Day It Girl/Guy

For natural glam, length, and volume
Fringe Glam (show image of lash package)

You make an ordinary day extraordinary and these are the lashes that guarantee you look the part.


For outer volume and flared length
Ego Flare (show image of lash package)

Bring the drama, Mama! This look is big lash energy for those days when being a wallflower simply won’t do.


For customizable volume and extension
Extension Clusters (show image of lash package)

Free-spirited and fun, you’re ready for Coachella every time you walk out the door.

Soft Glam

For wispy, fluttered length and volume
Wispy Flutter (show image of lash package)

Flirty and demure, you’re turning heads with a bat of your lashes and those “who me"? vibes.

And for those of you that check more than one box, watch this how-to video to inspire your individual lash style!


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